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“By following your passion, you always strive to deliver your best work. I grew up experiencing four different cultures, which allowed me to have an international education and awareness and appreciate diversity. It was not until my teen ages that I realised the blessing that this was and started cultivating my love for languages and travel.”

 “I opened my own translation and tour operating business in 2014 to continue serving clients around the globe working with trusted partners to deliver quality language services and tour .”

 - Jing Qiao Zhao, director

She holds a BA in Business and Administration, a BA in Translation and Interpreting and a MA in Audiovisual Translation.

She is a qualified Chinese, Spanish, English, Catalan and French translator with great expertise in the Travel and Hospitality field, and in software and audiovisual translation.

Her first contact with the travel industry was at the age of 15 with her family business and soon dived into this multi-faceted world. Working hand in hand with tour operators, travel agencies, hotels and resorts, and all major attractions worldwide, Jing acquired a personal business expertise organising, adapting and offering the best services in tourism. She specialises in tour packages, business travel and is expanding her knowledge into more personalised and theme tours. Her vision is to take travel to the next level and together change the travel industry.

Join her on her mission!

Translation goes beyond writing words in a different language; it's the act of transposing cultures so that human beings from different worlds can connect.

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